Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching Up!

OMGoodness, I have been super busy in the last few weeks. I spoke about a project that I was doing for a co-worker who'd just undergone emergency surgery and whose wife was having a baby around the same time. Well Cooper is here and he is beautiful! Steve is also fine and is back at work. Remember this kit that I talked about a while ago? Check out the baby scrapbook album on my left sidebar that I did of Cooper. You'll notice that there are no pictures, save for a few because we simply didn't have any--The ladies that I work with asked me to do it for Steve and Kathy, so we will leave it to Kathy to add the pics! It was a great project and this kit made it easy because everything coordinated! Though Steve is back at work, he still has not seen the album because he's been traveling for work. He's back on Monday, so we will be able to present it to him then.

I also worked on an album for another co-worker who also happens to be a Steve. His wife is celebrating her 40th birtday today and he is presenting her with the album that I did for him. This time I had pictures! He was quite moved by the finished project. I will be posting those pictures tonight when I have a little more time to make a slideshow for it.

Yesterday was Orientation at Temple's school. Her new first grade teacher is Mrs. Polen and she told Temple that she'd heard a lot of good things about her, one of which is that Temple was quite tall! Mrs. Polen was told that Temple wasn't much shorter than she--they say a picture can speak a thousand words!!! I also had to get a picture of us at Temple's Desk!
Work has been interesting as well. The bank I work for has just acquired another bank. I work for the Regional Bank Manager for our region in North Florida, and this purchase has doubled the number of branches that she will manage. This will also double our workload! I think it will all be exciting!

Well, I gotta go--it's already after 12 noon and I got a girls' afternoon date with my good friend, Valerie!

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrapping!

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~EssenseVibez~ said...

hey gurl--havent seen you in awhile--love, love, love the layouts you made for COOPER--and he is adorable!!--enjoy your friend date--remain blessed!!!!

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