Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Sweet Child!

Temple was sick with a cold last week. I took the picture below of her sleeping in our bed (where she always retreats when she's not feeling well). She returned to school on Friday and came home with her week's worth of homework. Well, we didn't get to it until this evening after we got back home from an early dinner out.

As usual, Temple and I went through our rounds, knocking heads big time--she looks for the shortcut and I make her erase and erase some more until her work passes my standards. We eventually get through the ordeal and I send her off to prepare for bed. She finds me in our Crafts Room and big girl that she is, she climbs onto my lap. She gives me a big hug and kiss and she says, "I love you as my Mommy."

That one line totally erased the 90 minutes of torture she and I had just undergone!

Best regards and Happy Scrapping!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

aw. I hope she feels better. I can't wait until my little one gets to that age where we agree and disagree.
best of luck!

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Best regards and Happy Scrapping!

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