Thursday, January 21, 2010

Artastic - My January Entry

Artastic had a great inspiration piece this month by Australian Artist Pro Hart.  Here is the inspiration piece:

The colors just pop off the canvas!  Here is my interpretation of the above:

I was so inspired by the vibrant colors in the piece, that it made me think about my little vibrant one!
Some more detail:

There is an option to gain points if you included flowers in the layout--I hope a wheelbarrell of flowers will do it!

I like the fiber-it adds such whimsy.

I broke out the sewing machine to sew the ric rac to the layout.  Also to add the zig zag stictch to the bottom of the layout.

Best regards and Happy Scrapping!


Joni Parker said...

This is gorgeous. Never heard of I went and checked it out. Looks like fun...I added them to my blog so I could follow along!

Jessica said...

Beautiful colors & awesome detail. Great job, Robin!

Terry Oulboub said...

Robin, this is very cute and your daughter is beautiful. I love the layout and the wheelbarrow filled with flowers really adds that special "flowery" feel of the scrap page. It's just popping with artistic delights! Love it! ;D

Mo said...

gosh, i LOVE all the beautiful bold colors you use! gorgeousness!

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Best regards and Happy Scrapping!

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