Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey There!

My goodness, it's been a while!  I feel as if I've been on a mad adventure.  Well, first thing's first--I mentioned in an earlier post that I had to take some special blood tests.  The good news is that my liver (which was the cause for concern) is fine, however, the bad news is that I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

After some research into my condition, I began to understand why I was constantly battling headaches, extreme fatigue, and why I couldn't lose any weight.  I am now counting carbs and walking daily, and to my surprise, the headaches have eased up and I've lost 5 lbs.  I am now ready to take my fitness to the next level--on our way to a nursery Saturday to buy some new shrubs for our front yard, we passed by a gym that offers a 6-week X-treme Fitness class aka Boot Camp!  After speaking with the young man who owned the gym, giving him the low down on my condition and my age, he convinced me that this is something I could do, so I signed up!!!

I am going to try and start on Tuesday, and I'll keep you updated on my progress.

My wonderful husband gave me a cruise for my 50th birthday and while I don't feel like going into the details, we missed boarding the boat by 2 minutes.  We were all devastated, but Charles would not let us wallow in our disappointment--he made lemonade!!!  We got in the car and drove down to Boca Raton for the beginning of what he dubbed our "Vagabond Vacation!  We stayed at the most fabulous Boca Resort.  The resort and its grounds were just plain delicious--in the most beautiful artwork and service and restaurants--just plain beautiful!  The best thing about it is that the building is in the Art Deco style and it's entirely pink!!!
We not only stopped in Boca Raton but in Orlando as well, where we took my mother on her first visit to Disney World!  I've posted a slideshow on the left of our weeklong adventure!

All I can say is God is Good, and we may not have gotten the vacation we wanted but we most certainly got the vacation we needed! 

My mother and I went on a Safari down in a town called Loxahatchee, FL which was totally awesome!
We saw animals there that we'd never seen before!  Needless to say, when we got back home we were all very tired and extremely happy!

Happy Scrapping!


Terry Oulboub said...

Robin - so good to see your blogging and having fun. I'm so sorry to hear about your having diabetes type II but good for you to be immediately proactive about it and not letting it sit and control you. Your vacation pictures are so fabulous - love how you put those together. The safari sure looked like a lot of fun! TFS!

Audrey Frelx said...

RobinJ, I am so glad to see you posting!!! I am so happy it wasn't anything worse than it was -- type 2 diabetes isn't as terrible as it could have been, and thank God for that!!!

It looks as though you had a wonderful vacation despite missing the cruise ship, and I am so glad your dear hubby took it in stride and salvaged what could have been such a disappointment. Yep, he sounds like a keeper for sure!!!

The layouts are great and I've enjoyed all the pictures!

Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, you've already missed one of my blog candy raks, so don't miss the one I have now. Come on over and look on my sidebar for the "200 Followers" bar title and link to the post to leave your comment for my next rak. You have to leave a comment on that particular post to be eligible for the rak. You have until Wednesday to leave a comment.

Hope to hear from you for a chance to win!

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