Monday, September 7, 2009

Temple's Art Gallery

I wanted to showcase some of Temple's artwork! As your normal 6yr old, Temple doodles, draws and crafts just about every day. She drew these "masterpieces" on Charles' cell phone on what she called his "draw pad." I like the names she came up with for her drawings: Colorful Erupting Volcano, Temple's Self-Portrait and Temple's Sunset. I just love the legs on her "self-portrait" considering that Temple has the longest legs I've seen on a 6 yr old! I also love her bright, happy colors that's so indicative of the boundary-less freedom that young children still enjoy at this age in their art.
And then there's the Mommy See-Temple Do (which I secretly love, especially because I know it won't last long)! This is Temple's layout -- she insisted on taking the picture herself, and she decided to add the acorn as an accent to her picture! She wanted to give it quote "something!" unquote. She is such a little girl and an old sole all at the same time.
Thanks for looking and Happy Scrapping!

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~EssenseVibez~ said...

she did a beautiful job---hey, thanx for stopping by my place---so sorry to hear of your trials--and also glad my layout inspired you--do coame back!!!---remain blessed---

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