Sunday, September 19, 2010

Remember - A Digi LO

Here's a digi LO to share with you this Sunday evening.  I sometimes forget that everything does not have to be hard, and every moment doesn't have to be filled with some activity.  There are times in our lives that should just be simple, serene.  I was looking at these pictures that Charles took of me when we were away for the weekend in April to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and I remember how relaxed and unhurried I felt that weekend.  We didn't do anything particularly special--we were just away from our every very busy days and just enjoying each other.  It reminded me that we should not just wait to go away to decompress, but that it's something that we should work into our everyday.  Remember the white space in a LO???  Well, it's basically the same principle--take time to rest your eyes!!!  It's quite beneficial!
Have a Blessed Day!


~EssenseVibez~ said...

love it---you go gurl---you are jammin' with the digi'z

CraftyGirl said...

Robin... you look so beautiful and relaxed in the photos!! Getting away is always a good thing... it forces you so slow down! Glad you had a chance to do that with your hubby!!
Barb :)

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